For most people their home is unquestionably one of their most important assets. Understandably deciding to sell might be a daunting experience but it doesn’t have to be. Once you have made the decision to sell, Teoman Legal will look after your interests throughout the sale process.

Our conveyancing services are digital and comprehensive. Our digital platform ensures your transaction is effectively managed every step of the way by an experienced and licensed conveyancer/solicitor. Our aim is to keep you connected through the conveyancing process with regular easy to understand updates every step of the way.

Pre exchange

  • Prepare contract of sale including  any required statutory requirements
  • Draft any additional conditions to contract
  • Provide you with comprehensive advice regarding your obligations under contract
  • Provide the  completed contract to both you and your agent
  • Advise and discuss  with you any negotiations requested by purchasers

Post Exchange

  • Ensure contracts are exchanged and binding
  • Liaise with your mortgagee and arrange discharge on settlement
  • Review adjustment calculations for council/water/strata  fees etc.
  • Provide purchasers with payment directions as per your instructions
  • Review final settlement Calculations from purchasers


  • Facilitate your settlement digitally on Australia’s premier property exchange network.
  • Ensure all settlement documents are correct
  • Ensure all settlement funds are paid to you or your mortgagee
  • Advise you once settlement is successfully completed